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"Pondok Torsina"

Jalan Paorura No 26                                                

Rantepao 91831

Tana Toraja

Sulawesi Selatan

Indonesia different ways


Most people reach us by long distance buses ore hired cars from the capital of South Sulawesi Makassar (Ujung Pandang). Another possibility is to take a small plane from the same city to the airport near Rantetayo, 10 kilometers northwest of Makale and about 15 kilometers southwest of Rantepao. Planes arrive and go back to Makassar twice a week.

From here you can hire a drive or take local mini busses (bemo) to Rantepao.

From the mainroad, which connects Makale and Rantepao you go northwards until the crossing were a smaller road leads eastwards to Ke`te`Kesu. Here you leave your bemo and walk the 150 meter long path the west side directly to our Hotel. Hired cars for sure drive directly to the Hotels parking place.

If you come to Tana Toraja by public overland bus (Fa Litah or with other companies) you have to tell the driver were you wish to leave the bus. If you give our adress or tell the Hotels name he drop you at the same crossing we already mentioned.


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